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Hello, I am Ryan from EDRC--the main member who keeps track of online presence for the group. If you don't realize by now, we don't seem to have any uploads on Deviant Art, and we have very little presence on this site. This is not because we no longer have an interest in writing, that is certainly not true. The real reason as to why we don't have any uploads on this site is just the fact that we have been working on so many projects and school has been so hard that we didn't have time to copy all of our work.

In this new year, I would like to change all of this. I want to get all of our writing profiles up to date and everything almost identical on all of the websites we share on. I hope to accomplish this within the next month; however, we have over 150 uploads and it will take a while to get all of them transferred on here. We will have an updated profile eventually, I can guarantee that at least.

More Than Just Friends:

On December 17th, 2011, Erica and I (Ryan) officially began dating. This was decided, as a matter of fact, on EDRC's Writers Cafe profile. Erica, a week previous, had posted a revelation of her love to me on EDRC's profile, and this is what kicked everything off. I replied with my own poem, saying that we needed to verbally chat about it. Sadly, that chance didn't come for two days, which was the day we started going out, December 17th, due to several things getting in the way. Amazingly, during that time, we had our 3rd most read week in EDRC's history. During that week alone we got over 130 reads on our work, most of which was on the reply poem. I thought that was kind of interesting myself. I suppose most people don't confess their love online to each other.

Finally, December 17th came along, and Erica and I got the chance to chat with each-other. That day, we were planning on going out to eat as just a friendly outing, but I ended up staying over at her grandmothers house. Finally, we chatted, and just started going out. Really, neither of us asked one another, we just started dating. It was completely different than I had expected, but it worked. We posted a reply poem and then a combined poem releasing the news of us dating one another and that was the end of it. I literally contribute most of our love for one another to EDRC, because if it were not for our writing group, we would not have truly wrote our feelings down and talked to each-other as much as we had the past two years.

Change In Name and Membership:

In the past year, EDRC has changed quite a bit. We lost two members, gained guest writers, created new writing agreements and contracts for ourselves, and some members became more than just friends and started dating. Because of this, EDRC could no longer mean "Erica, Dean, Ryan, Cameron".  Dean and Cameron are no longer part of the group. The only remaining original members are Erica and Ryan, who are now dating, making the entire 'friendship' idea a bit different, seeing how members were a tad more than just friends.

From the very beginning, we vowed to never change our name, because we felt it was a true symbol of friendship. After Cameron and Dean left us, we still didn't want to change the name. For weeks we debated a new meaning for the name, and finally came up with one. The new meaning of EDRC is 'Editing. Designing. Reading. Creating.". This works very well for what we do. We edit work, we design covers and characters, we read the work of others, and we create whatever we can imagine. Even though Dean and Cameron are out of the group, they still remain friends of ours... they just don't upload anymore.

The Year Ahead:

I realize this is a long post, I just feel that it is important that our current and or future members understand the things going on with us. We've had quite a few changes and new things that have given us inspiration for writing. We have been coming up with crazy amounts of poetry, first person novels, plays, and other things that we may have uploaded soon. I, myself, am working on 4 novels, which will take quite some time to complete if I even complete them at all. Keep an eye out for our uploads because SEVERAL are coming your way.


EDRC WebMaster and Contract Editor

Check out our writing profiles at: … most up-to-date profile) &nbs… original writing page)


[Note: All of EDRC's work belongs to the member, guest writer, guest illustrator, or anyone who has uploaded under the EDRC profile name. All members, guest writers, guest illustrators, and guest vocalists have signed contracts agreeing to allow their writing to be published in public domain online. ANY copyright infringed material will be removed immediately. Any member, guest writer, guest illustrator, or guest vocalist will be terminated from the group if infringed material is found. All work is reviewed before being uploaded. All work is also thoroughly searched before being published online through the internet and various publishing's and recordings. All work uploaded by EDRC is rated according to several factors to keep younger audiences from viewing inappropriate content. EDRC--Editing. Designing. Reading. Creating.]
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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
"E.D.R.C. Is a group of artistic, creative, and imaginative friends who have lots of free time. We tend to write and draw, we write lots of poems, plays, and novels, and we all share a common interest. We are not your average teenagers, and we like it that way. We love to write, we love to draw, and we love not being perfectly normal. We are not preps, we are not jocks, we are just geeks, nerds, obsessed writers, and logical thinkers." -- Ryan.

E.D.R.C actually started 9 years ago, when three first-grade children, Erica, Dean, and Ryan, met for the first time at recess. The three were destined to become friends, seeing how they all shared common interests in gaming, art, and creativity. The three friends originally created a club at recess near a tree on a hilltop, which was where they would meet and play games and chat every day, originally being called "The Club". The three friends continued this club into middle school, sitting at the same lunch table and making sure they all continued to chat and keep up with their frienship. Soon, three friends met a boy named Cameron, who was in their grade and came from another school, who also shared a common intrest in writing and gaming.

Eventually, at lunch, the three friends started showing eachother things they created in their Creative Writing and English classes. They started critiquing eachothers work and coming up with ideas. Soon, Ryan asked the question "What if we formed a writing group," and that is when everything changed. Ryan looked online and found the website and decided that it would be perfect for them, and suggested it the next day. That day, in eighth grade, the four friends formed a group that became known as "E.D.R.C", standing for Erica, Dean, Ryan, and Cameron.

However, high school came along a year later. Things changed, and life was finally starting to kick in for the four members of E.D.R.C. Friends were changing their minds and life pursuits, challenging issues began to affect their frienships, and life became incredibly hard, giving the four members the true life lesson of "things change". The friends couldn't find the time to write, especially Cameron and Dean. At one point, Erica and Ryan were the only people writing because things had become so complicated.

Finally, Erica and Ryan decided that it may be best to have them leave the writing group, while continuing to be friends, and they asked them if they thought this was the logical decision. Eventually, they all agreed that it would make more sense seing how only two members ever wrote anything and how it was likely that Dean and Cameron would not find the time to write in the near future. So, E.D.R.C, rather than standing for Erica, Dean, Ryan, and Cameron, ended up changing to mean "Editing, Designing, Reading, Creating".

Our group name continues to be E.D.R.C, and that will NEVER change, even if we lose members or gain members.

Editing. Designing. Reading. Creating.

A Special Thanks to:
Our new High School
Our English Teachers
First Grade Recess
November 26th, 2001

Ryan and Erica have been friends for 11 years as of November 26th, 2012. That is a long time to put up with insanity! That is the very day that Erica moved to Ryan and Dean's school, starting an entirely new chapter in their lives.

Guest Writer(s):
April - Ryan's sister, who is a very good writer herself.She wrote a book in third grade which was up for a national book competition, and we believe it is a great book! That is why we published her work (with her permission) on EDRC.

Guest Artist(s):

Please Note: Things are going to change at the end of 2011 now that Dean and Cameron are officially out of the group. We will also be getting caught up with our work on all three of our writing proviles, and we will be engaging in National Novel Writing Month. Wish us luck, and we hope to get lots of new work uploaded soon.

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